Untangling Fear For Lawyers & Clients With Prof. Heidi K. Brown


It’s Halloween! What better time to talk about FEAR!!!???

Many think fear is the great motivator, but it can also be the great debilitator.  Fear prevents lawyers from “going for it” at sentencing and making the extraordinary ask on behalf of their clients.  Fear also prevents those clients from communicating their own truth on the big day.  

Therefore, helping us get Set For Sentencing is Prof. Heidi K. Brown, author of “Untangling Fear in Lawyering”.  She’s here to tell us how to let go of fear and help our clients do the same.

Prof. Brown teaches legal writing at New York Law School, she’s an acclaimed author, speaker, avid boxer and rabid U2 fan.


  • Prof. Brown’s 4-step process for “untangling fear”;
  • Understanding “somatic intelligence” how our bodies react to fear;
  • Tips for physically preparing for a stressful interaction (like a court appearance);
  • Tips for helping client’s prepare for stressful moments in their case;
  • How the “sweet science” of boxing can save your soul;
  • The connection between fear and creativity;
  • Lawyer wellness;
  • How fear impacts non-verbal communication.



Heidi K. Brown on Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/theflourishinglawyer/

Heidi K. Brown on Twitter: https://twitter.com/introvertlawyer

One of the reasons I was drawn to Prof. Brown’s work was the 3-part podcast series I did on “FEARLESS LAWYERING”.  These are all examples of brave lawyers who shot for the moon at sentencing and acheived astounding results.  If you haven’t heard those episodes, check them out:

Fearless Lawyering Vol. 3: New Mexico Attorney Joel Meyers gets a mind-blowing result in a career-offender high level drug trafficking offense:


Fearless Lawyering Vol. 2:  Asst. Federal Defender Kara Hartzler helps expose the racist history of federal immigration laws: 


Fearless Lawyering Vol. 1: Asst. Federal Defender Sharon Hicks gets probation on a resentencing for a DUI/Manslaughter case:


Check out this episode!

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