Fearless Lawyering (Vol. 1) With Attorney Sharon Hicks

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Sharon Hicks is the epitome of a fearless lawyer.  When she had a case with bad facts, a seemingly intractable judge, and a prosecutor seeking the maximum sentence, she argued for probation.  Everyone, even her closest legal confidants told her she was dreaming.  But she knew this client had a story to tell, that was never told before.  With a thorough mitigation investigation and a powerful sentencing mitigation video, she did what everyone told her was impossible. 

This is billed as “Volume 1”, because, as you might imagine, I work with lawyers to get incredible results. I will be profiling more of them as we go, the work we do together, and the extraordinary outcomes we achieve.



  • The story behind the McGirt resentencing cases and federal Indian Country jurisdiction for major crimes;
  • How to effectively integrate a sentencing video/defense documentary into your larger presentation;
  • Never being afraid to shoot for the moon at sentencing;
  • Never run from bad facts at sentencing- develop them and embrace them;
  • Chat GPT is fucking terrifying, and it exposes the tepid ridiculousness of sentencing letters;
  • Credible ways to mitigate culpibility by Illuminating the action/inaction of other parties or entities.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for more time to prepare for sentencing, and don’t be afraid to ask for as much as possible if you need it;
  • Whether judges come to sentencing hearings with their mind made up and the importance of doing your homework when it comes to knowing your judge;
  • The “3Rs” of sentencing storytelling;
  • The power of sentencing mitigation videos.


Free Download, Doug’s article in NACDL’s “The Champion”, the “3Rs of Sentencing Narrative”.  Sharon and I spoke at length about the “3Rs” (Revelation, Relativity, Redemption) that can exist in any mitigation narrative.  This case had all three.  If you’d like to learn more, DOWNLOAD MY FREE ARTICLE HERE:

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