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Set for Sentencing Podcast with Doug Passon


Over a million people a year will face sentencing.  For a client and their loved ones, it will be the most important day of their lives.

Unlike at trial, there is virtually no limit to the kind of information a lawyer can credibly present to advocate for their client and demonstrate their humanity at sentencing.

My passion is helping lawyers and clients craft their most compelling sentencing narratives.  So, I was inspired to create this new podcast drawing on my 25+ years of criminal defense experience, my passion for storytelling, my expertise in producing mitigation videos, and my years spent consulting and developing compelling case narratives that get real results.

In Set for Sentencing, I present cutting edge resources, world-class experts, and the straight scoop on our often dysfunctional system -- all in service to one goal -- to bring more justice, more humanity, and more hope to the sentencing process.

So, are you ready? Then let's get SET FOR SENTENCING!

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Latest Episodes

Bonus YouTube Livestream: Hunter Biden Conviction – What To Expect at Sentencing and is Lawfare Really a Thing?

We went live the day after Hunter Biden was convicted in Federal Court on three firearms charges. Not only do we take a deep dive into Hunter Biden’s sentencing issues, we also peel back the layers of this new-ish word permeating the lexicon of the right/Trump supporters — LAWFARE. Lawfare refers to the supposed “weaponization”…
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The First Step Act (with Walt Pavlo)

The FSA is meant to give non-violent offenders a chance to significantly reduce their term of incarceration through programming and good conduct. But, the BOP is proving to be unwilling or unable to properly implement the law. Helping us get set for sentencing this week is Walt Pavlo, founder of and frequent contributor to…
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Outside the Box Defense with Investigator Justin Yentes

A good investigator can be essential to winning cases at trial or sentencing. They bring a fresh perspective and outside-the-box techniques that help lawyers better communicate the truth of their sentencing story. This week, we’re thrilled to have Justin Yentes, one of the best investigators in the business, on our podcast! Justin’s wealth of experience…
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Marilyn Mosby Sentencing Post-Mortem

Marilyn Mosby, Baltimore’s former top prosecutor, made headlines for her bold actions during her tenure. She fearlessly took on the Baltimore police, charging those involved in Freddie Gray’s death, and advocated controversial positions, including refusing to prosecute low-level drug offenders. However, her own legal journey took an unexpected turn. Accused of federal fraud violations, she…
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DePape (Pelosi Attacker) Sentencing Post-Mortem

It shocked the nation when David DePape, driven by insane QAnon conspiracy theories, violently attacked Paul Pelosi, husband of former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.   A federal judge recently sentenced DePape to 30 years in prison.  With that de facto life sentence looming, we uncover a legal twist: the judge’s oversight during sentencing denied him the chance…
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Pre-Sentence Reports

The pre-sentence report is arguably the most crucial sentencing document. Not only does it serve as a vital tool for judges during sentencing, but it also acts as the “bible” that the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) relies on to make critical decisions about our clients. Unfortunately, many lawyers struggle to properly prepare their clients or…
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The Artificial Lawyer: A Debate About the Usefulness of A/I in the Legal Arena

Artificial intelligence is here and it’s getting more sophisticated and more ubiquitous every day.  Indeed, the legal community seems to be largely embracing A/I with open arms.  But the jury is still out whether this somewhat terrifying new technology is going to be our savior or our destroyer.  Therefore, helping us get set for sentencing this…
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Trump on Trial

Today history is being made, as the first criminal trial of a former president for multiple felony allegations begins in New York. But none of the pundits seem to be talking about what happens if Trump loses at trial. Therefore, helping us get set for sentencing is a superb New York criminal defense attorney, Richard…
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Guidelines Blues: The Commission’s Next Moves

The United States Sentencing Commission is gearing up to make their recommendations for the next round of amendments.  It’s the follow-up album to their first hit record, which included memorable songs such as ” The Zero Point Offender Boogie”, and “Release Me (Compassionately)”.  The real question is can they top their debut with their sophomore…
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