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Over a million people a year will face sentencing.  For a client and their loved ones, it will be the most important day of their lives.

Unlike at trial, there is virtually no limit to the kind of information a lawyer can credibly present to advocate for their client and demonstrate their humanity at sentencing.

My passion is helping lawyers and clients craft their most compelling sentencing narratives.  So, I was inspired to create this new podcast drawing on my 25+ years of criminal defense experience, my passion for storytelling, my expertise in producing mitigation videos, and my years spent consulting and developing compelling case narratives that get real results.

In Set for Sentencing, I present cutting edge resources, world-class experts, and the straight scoop on our often dysfunctional system -- all in service to one goal -- to bring more justice, more humanity, and more hope to the sentencing process.

So, are you ready? Then let's get SET FOR SENTENCING!

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Latest Episodes

Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Means “Backwards on Purpose”

What is the purpose of prison?  Most people think the very fact of being removed from society, loved ones, and life in general, is the punishment.  But that’s only the beginning.  Once you get inside the walls of the BOP, the real punishment begins. Intentionally or not, those in charge of BOP facilities make the…
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Find the Hurt, Amplify the Pain, Heal the Wound: 3 Steps to a Bulletproof Legal Narrative

Telling your client’s true and powerful mitigation story is the most important part of sentencing.  But we lawyers are never taught how to do it right.  The bigger problem is, this leads to disastrous consequences on the big day because when a lawyer fails to control the narrative, someone else will tell your client’s story…
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GOIN’ RETRO: Retroactive Application of ZPO and Status Point Amendments

The Zero Point Offender and Status Point modifications to the Sentencing Guidelines go into effect on November 1.  They are RETROACTIVE.  But not everyone knows whether they may benefit from the changes or how to go about getting that benefit.  Therefore, helping us get Set for Sentencing, Mark Allenbaugh, and Keith Hilzendeger to tell us…
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BOP Stands for Big Ol’ Problems: Exposing Dysfunction & Danger at the Federal Bureau of Prisons

Judges routinely hand out prison sentences in white collar/non-violent offender’s cases, believing a client will end up in a minimum security “camp” and that their time there will therefore be less severe, or even “easy”.  But, the days of the “Club Fed,” if they ever existed at all, are OVER.  Decision makers need to understand…
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Straight to Sentencing: Pre-Trial Detention Through the Lens of SBF & DJT

When a judge incarcerates a client awaiting trial, each of whom has not been convicted and is therefore presumed innocent, the practical result is that they go straight to sentencing without passing go, without collecting 200 dollars.  Pre-trial detention should be reserved for the worst, or most potentially violent alleged offenders.  But it’s not.  And the…
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Acquitted Conduct Revisited: Mmmmm… Flavors of Evil

WATCH ON YOUTUBE, or LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS, SPOTIFY, or wherever you get your podcasts! If you wanna feel really dim, spend an hour or so trying to debate the fine points of federal constitutional law with Prof. Doug Berman and Mark Allenbaugh.  We had to come back to the issue of how the guidelines…
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Too Cute By Half: Why Hunter’s Plea Went South

Let us journey once more, into the BREACH, dear listeners.  We talked about sentencing implications of Hunter Biden’s proposed plea agreement, but now we have to talk about why it all crashed and burned.  Spoiler alert, it’s because of the plea provision discussing what happens if Hunter is found by the government to be in…
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The 3rd Trump Indictment (Sentencing Guidelines): Everything Nowhere All at Once.

Everyone is talking about the latest Trump indictment.  But nobody is talking about the possible sentence he might face if convicted.  That’s what we do!  Spoiler alert — it’s a big deal. WATCH ON YOUTUBE or LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS (or wherever you get your podcasts!) Yes, it sucks that we have to keep doing…
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Surviving Pretrial, Vol. 1: Is My Lawyer Any Good?

WATCH ON YOUTUBE or LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS (or wherever you get your podcasts!) All lawyers are not created equal, and that applies to private practice and public defenders.  But clients don’t necessarily understand how to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Bilal Khan understands this better than most – he’s been through it all,…
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