YouTube Bonus Episode: Sedition Edition!

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The 1/6 hearings are in full swing. We don’t know what will come of it. What we do know is that there have already been two major indictments brought by the DOJ alleging the crime of “Seditious Conspiracy”.

But, it is a total mystery what kind of sentences a judge may impose if convictions ensue. This crime has little precedent in American jurisprudence, and the sentencing guidelines contain more questions than answers.

So, we thought it be good to unravel this whole mess with our resident federal sentencing guideline expert, Mark Allenbaugh of!

This is a “YouTube Bonus” episode, because Mark has great visual aids, so the audio stream only tells half the story.

Also, we are trying hard to build our YouTube presence, so we would be eternally grateful if you could, go to our YouTube channel (as the cool kids say, “smash that like and subscribe button!”

Check out this episode!


LINK: We touch on the recent case involving alleged kidnapping of Michigan Gov. Gretchen Witmer. Here is link to the full sentencing mitigation video we produced for one of those defendants, Ty Garbin:  CLICK HERE!


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