Bonus YouTube Livestream: Hunter Biden Conviction – What To Expect at Sentencing and is Lawfare Really a Thing?

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We went live the day after Hunter Biden was convicted in Federal Court on three firearms charges.

Not only do we take a deep dive into Hunter Biden’s sentencing issues, we also peel back the layers of this new-ish word permeating the lexicon of the right/Trump supporters — LAWFARE.

Lawfare refers to the supposed “weaponization” of the criminal justice system.  The term has been deployed on right wing media and social media, in refernce to the many Trump civil and criminal cases, and all of the folks in the Trump orbit who now find them selves having to defend themselves in courts across the land.

Is “Lawfare” really a thing?  If so, what does that term really mean?  And, if it applies, should it not apply to the Hunter Biden prosecution?


  • How prevalent are these specific federal gun charges?
  • What are the guidelines and sentencing stats for these offenses of conviction?
  • What other sentencing arguments can/will Mr. Biden present?
  • How will these convictions and sentencing impact his next (tax) prosecution?
  • Sentencing predictions?
  • Is Lawfare real?

Check out this episode!

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