Surviving Pretrial, Vol. 1: Is My Lawyer Any Good?


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All lawyers are not created equal, and that applies to private practice and public defenders.  But clients don’t necessarily understand how to separate the wheat from the chaff.  Bilal Khan understands this better than most – he’s been through it all, fighting his serious federal charges for years, and engaging seven lawyers in the process.

He has taken his knowledge and know-how and shaped it into an amazing new resource, a 500 page book called, Surviving Pretrial:  The Ultimate Guide to Being Busted & Prosecuted by the Feds.

This book is not just for those charged with federal crimes.  It’s for those with state cases, and perhaps more important, it’s for lawyers who want to see the world through their clients’ eyes.

Not only that, but this work is a testament to resilience and redemption.  Although Mr. Khan made serious mistakes that resulted in his incarceration, his life didn’t end there.  He started a new chapter by authoring this work and by helping others navigate this complicated, terrifying and often unfair system.

Mr. Khan helps us get set for sentencing via 15-minute increment phone calls from inside a federal institution.  Our conversation focused mostly on the crucial task of making sure you have the right represenation.  Hopefully, he’ll be back to talk about other topics in the near future.




  • The origin story of Surviving Pretrial
  • A glimpse of life inside a federal prison
  • How to properly vet/question your lawyer
  • Using data to vet your lawyer
  • How are lawyers like tequila?




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