Stories From the Frontlines of Justice: From Prosecution to Defense

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Helping us get Set for Sentencing this week, extraordinary defense attorney and fantastically empathetic human, Ashley Adams.  Ms. Adams brings a unique perspective, having spent several years as an Assistant United States Attorney, prosecuting predominantly white-collar offenses.

This episode is jam packed with incredible information, great stories, new ideas, and tons of heart.  It also ends up being a great prelude to two upcoming episodes on the topics of psychodrama and

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  • How her experience as a federal prosecutor shaped the defense lawyer she would become;
  • The need for prosecutors to better understand their own power and the human implications of their charging, plea and sentencing decisions;
  • Real-life stories from the trenches about some of our toughest cases, some even with happy endings;
  • The “3 Rs” of sentencing Mitigation: Revelation, Relativity and Remorse;
  • The unfortunate ongoing abuse of prosecutorial power at the Maricopa County (Arizona) Attorney’s Office;
  • The incalculable value of conducting an early & thorough mitigation investigation;
  • An introduction to a new powerful, free online resource: a comprehensive, confidential questionnaire called “Defense Map”;
  • An introduction to “psychodrama” and how it can help lawyers connect with clients and witnesses– and develop a better understanding of themselves in the process;


Adams & Associates, PLC

Defense Map (Free, confidential, online mitigation & defense tool)

FREE RESOURCES:  The “3Rs” of Sentencing Storytelling article by Doug Passon.

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