Sentencing Psychodrama!


Helping us get Set for Sentencing this week, Patrick Barone, a phenomenal Michigan criminal defense lawyer and certified practitioner of psychodrama, a powerful and popular tool used in psychotherapy.

Done right, lawyers can deploy psychodrama techniques in and out of court.  It gives us a new path to discover credible and heartfelt ways to reframe our sentencing narratives.  Perhaps most important, psychodrama deepens the participant’s capacity for empathy, which is in short supply in our system.

Patrick Barone has fully embraced psychodrama in his practice and his life.  After learning about the technique at the famed Jerry Spence Trial Lawyers College, he completed a 1000 hour certification. and went on to receive the highest level of certification as a “T.E.P.” (Trainer, Educator and Practitioner) of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy.  Along with clinical psychologist Dr. Elizabeth Corby, he then founded the Michigan Psychodrama Center which provides workshops, education and trainings.


  • Defining psychodrama and its use in criminal case preparation;
  • How psychodrama helps develop a deeper understanding of our clients or other players in the process;
  • Psychodrama as an empathy generator;
  • A deep (psychodrama) dive into Doug’s traumatic criminal past (spoiler alert, it was a curfew violation);
  • Using psychodrama to overcome confirmation bias;
  • Using psychodrama to control the sentencing narrative;
  • Psychodrama in capital cases;
  • Using psychodrama to help your client more genuinely express remorse and acceptance of responsibility at sentencing.


Patrick Barone (

Michigan Psychodrama Center


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