Senators Sell Sentencing Snake Oil at KBJ Confirmation Hearing

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The Set for Sentencing Podcast is so close to launch and I can’t wait for you to see/hear it.  But, given that the recent Senate Confirmation Hearings for Justice Kentanji Brown Jackson were so heavily focused on federal sentencing law, I could not wait to get started.  Here was an impromptu, lively conversation with Mark Allenbaugh.  Mark is a federal sentencing expert, the founder of, and formerly served as a Staff Attorney for the U.S. Sentencing Commission.

Mark was the absolute best person to talk about steaming pile of disinformation certain senators who knew better (I’m looking at you Tom Cotton, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley) offered up in an attempt to sully the judge’s sentencing record.

In the battle of fear vs. hope, these men chose the low road, despicably twisting sentencing statistics to serve up a giant lie that KBJ was soft on crime and supported pedophiles.  Thankfully, hope won the day, and we now have the first African American woman on the Supreme Court, and a former public defender to boot!

We hope you enjoy this taste of things to come on Set for Sentencing!


  • Overview of United States Sentencing Guidlines (USSG)
  • The truth about Federal Child Porn Sentencing Guidelines
  • The truth about the discretion of prosecutor’s ability to manipulate sentencing outcomes
  • The truth of how often judges sentence below recommended guidelines
  • The truth about the theatrics over failure to disclose pre-sentence report
  • The truth about Compassionate Release & the First Step Act (passed by Republican Congress)


Federal Sentencing Statistics Made Easy using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence





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