Please Open In the Event of My Death: The Art, Craft, & Terror of Telling Your Own Story.

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I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it – at sentencing, narrative is everything.  Helping us get Set For Sentencing is a man who knows how to tell GREAT stories.

Mark Hsu is an attorney and the author of a sweet, poignant, and incredibly well-written book called,  Please Open In the Event of My Death: A Father’s Advice To His Daughters In Case Something Horrible Happens (Which Hopefully It Won’t But Just In Case), and that title says it all.


  • The power of telling your own story and sharing it with others;
  • Advice on how to become a better writer and storyteller;
  • Books & Resources on writing that helped him hone his craft;
  • How learning the craft of writing & screenwriting will make you a better advocate;
  • Why simplicity is the secret sauce of all great narrative persuasive communication;
  • The need for “emotional intelligence” in writing, in the law, and in life;
  • Systemic injustice through the lens of the “cosmic calendar”; and
  • Lots of awesome clips from the audible version of the book!


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Mark gave us some great suggestions for writing resources.  I have a pretty good list as well, including links to sites where you can access free screenplays: 5 Reasons Every Lawyer Should Study the Art of Screenwriting — and a Killer Resource List To Get You Started

Lastly, by far the most worthless link I will ever offer, but since we talked about it, here’s my Chiuaua William’s Tik Tok, @williamvonarsehole



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