Immersion: Dr. Paul Zak & the Science of Narrative Persuasion, Part 2

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Welcome back to the thrilling conclusion of my 2-part episode with Dr. Paul Zak!  This may be a good episode to watch on YOUTUBE, to see the immersion platform in action.  Otherwise, you can click on the link at the end of the show notes to see how it all came together when we ran a sentencing video through Dr. Zak’s immersion platform.

Dr. Zak’s new book, Immersion, the Science of the Extraordinary and the Source of happiness is a powerful reminder that if we lawyers want extraordinary results at sentencing, we must create extraordinary, immersive experiences at sentencing.  It’s what I strive to do in every case, and Dr. Zak’s years of research have been an integral part of my success. 

I’m humbled and grateful that he came on S4S and was so generous with his time.  If you haven’t heard episode 1, you really should check that out first.


  • Dr. Zak’s five step “SIRTA” process to achieve immersive storytelling;
  • How to turn a judge into a superfan with story;
  • Why every judge and prosecutor should spend a day in prison and witness an execution; 
  • Why every lawyer needs to understand that we are now living in an “experience economy”;
  • Running 3 minutes of Doug’s sentencing video through the immersion platform;
  • Why music is integral to storytelling.



Dr. Zak’s Immersion Platform –

Immersion: The Science of the Extraordinary & the Source of Happiness, by Dr. Paul Zak on

This short video, “The Future of Storytelling,” was my introduction to Dr. Zak and his groundbreaking work.  It details one of his earlier studies of the effect of narrative on the brain.  It’s six minutes and worth a look. It will have a profound impact on the way you approach law and life.

IMMERSION RESULTS FOR SENTENCING VIDEO:  Dr. Zak ran a few minutes of one of my videos through the system.  We talked about the results during the last 1/2 of the podcast.  If you’d like to see for yourself, here is a link to the Immersion report:


Check out this episode!

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