Outside the Box Defense with Investigator Justin Yentes


A good investigator can be essential to winning cases at trial or sentencing. They bring a fresh perspective and outside-the-box techniques that help lawyers better communicate the truth of their sentencing story.

This week, we’re thrilled to have Justin Yentes, one of the best investigators in the business, on our podcast!

Justin’s wealth of experience in the criminal and civil world, including death penalty cases, makes this episode a must-listen.

During our time together, Justin shares super practical case advice, captivating war stories, and even dives into some tequila talk.   If you haven’t already, check out his new podcast, ‘Truth Be Found,’ available on all major platforms.

Also, because we talked about cutting edge video investigatory techniques, and showed several video samples, this may be a good episode to watch on YouTube rather than just audio. 

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  • Using Drones,  Go Pros, VR,  and other cutting edge investigation tools;
  • A journey into gang-ridden El Salvador; immersive storytelling to bridge the gap of cultural understanding;
  • Tips for working with investigators;
  • Pimps up, hos down; 
  • Tequila!


Justin’s website

Truth Be Found (Apple Podcast)

Truth Be Found (Instagram)

Truth Be Found (TikTok)

Truth Be Found (Facebook)

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