Defending Autism With Mark Mahoney (Pt. 2)


This week, we continue our crucial conversation on Autism with Mark Mahoney, America’s leading Autism defense attorney (

There is so much we don’t know when it comes to ASD, and because it’s so prevalent, lawyers must be on the lookout for this issue in every case.  It matters.  It matters to culpability, it matters to recidivism, it matters to conditions of confinement.  

This episode is for every lawyer, every judge, every prosecutor, and every PARENT with a child on the spectrum.  Please listen and pass it on.


  • The Myth of “High Functioning”;
  • The importance of doing “adaptive testing”;
  • Camouflaging and masking as hiding the true deficits of a client;
  • Vetting a defense attorney to test true autism experience – red flags that your attorney isn’t qualified to handle an autism case;
  • The danger of Flat Fees in Autism cases;
  • The importance of telling the story of prison;
  • With early intervention, the results can be astoundingly good;
  • Why the “late diagnosis” of ASD shouldn’t hinder your defense;
  • The importance of the “parent narrative”;
  • The need to incorporate VIDEO into ASD advocacy and some practical advice about the moments that need to be captured;
  • The low recidivism rates among the ASD population.



We began this conversation with Attorney Jamie Sparks and Psychologist/Professor Dr. Toni Sparks, on Episode 5:  “Understanding Autism at Sentencing”.  Understanding Autism at Sentencing – Doug Passon Law

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