JSIN: Will “Judicial Sentencing Information” Mutilate the Stats or Slash Sentences?


The US Sentencing Commission created “JSIN” (sounds like “Jason”) as a resource for Judges who want to understand how defendants are really being sentenced under the guidelines.   And, currently thirty-one federal jurisdictions are now incorporating JSIN data into the pre-sentence report.

But, are the stats accurate?  Could these numbers help or harm our clients?

Therefore, helping us get Set For Sentencing…who else could it be besides Mark Allenbaugh, the quintessential sentencing statistics guru?!




  • JSIN’s attempt to fulfill the neglected mission of the Sentencing Commission – data collection;
  • Flaws, kinks and glitches in the database;
  • Practical tips for doing your own JSIN database searches (check that box!);
  • Why the data excludes 5K, substantial assistance/cooperation departures;
  • Why CJA lawyers should now ask for expert funds to combat JSIN numbers in Pre-Sentence Reports;
  • How JSIN data will help not just for sentencing, but for appeal, compassionate release motion, and plea negotiations.



Here is a link listing the current 31 jurisdictions that now include JSIN data in presentence reports:

Judiciary Studies Use of Online Tool in Presentence Reports | United States Courts (uscourts.gov)


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