Inside Rikers Island & Beyond With Prison Consultant Craig Rothfeld


Have you ever wondered if Rikers Island is really as bad as it is portrayed on TV?  Did you know NYC held newly sentenced prisoners in something called “the tombs”?  How does New York State sentencing compare to federal?  You’re about to have all of those questions answered and more, with Craig Rothfeld, a New York State prison consultant.




  • From “the Tombs” to Rikers Island;
  • Is there “self-surrender” in New York State;
  • Are there minimum security “camps” in New York;
  • The ins and outs of the NY State prison complex;
  • The NYS sentencing scheme;
  • The prevalence of “negotiated pleas” in NYS;
  • Work release & work furlough in NYS.



Harvey Weinstein Adds ‘Prison Consultant’ to His Entourage – The New York Times (


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