Defending Autism With Mark Mahoney (Pt. 1)


We began this conversation in Ep.5,  “Understanding Autism at Sentencing”.  But the topic is so important, and so close to my heart and the work that I do, it’s time to dig in deeper.

In the first of a two-part episode, we talk with the nation’s premiere criminal defense attorney when it comes to representing those on the autism spectrum who find themselves charged with crimes, particularly online offenses – Mark Mahoney.

There is so much we don’t know when it comes to ASD, and lawyers need to look out for this issue in every case.  It matters.  It matters to culpability, it matters to recidivism, and it isn’t easy to understand.

This episode is for every lawyer, every judge, every prosecutor, and every PARENT with a child on the spectrum.  Please listen and pass it on.


  • Defining Autism Spectrum Disorder in the criminal context;
  • Mind-Blindness/Theory of Mind;
  • Empathy;
  • Moral Reasoning;
  • Dr. Ami Klin and his animation experiment (see link below);
  • ASD and Internet Vulnerability;
  • Rule following and Recidivism.


Mark Mahoney:  Mark J. Mahoney | Harrington & Mahoney (

Episode 5, “Understanding Autism at Sentencing” (With Jamie Sparks and Toni Sparks) Understanding Autism at Sentencing – Doug Passon Law


YOUTUBE VIDEO – Heider Simmel (shapes video):


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