David Rudolf: American Injustice, The Staircase & Defending Empathy

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Helping us get set for sentencing is David Rudolf — attorney, author, and lead counsel in the acclaimed Netflix documentary, “The Staircase“, which is now a controversial HBO mini-series.

Mr. Rudolf has been on the front lines of justice for decades as one of the nation’s preeminent trial lawyers.  He has dedicated his life to giving voice and vindication to a special class of victims in our system — those convicted and sentenced for crimes they did not commit.

He recently published a riveting look at our dysfunctional system, American Injustice: Inside Stories from the Underbelly of the Criminal Justice System.

In this whirlwind discussion, we cover:

  • Rudolf’s new Book, American Injustice;
  • The Staircase documentary and the new,  highly fictionalized HBO miniseries;
  • Draconian sentencing statutes and guidelines;
  • How confirmation bias and tunnel vision can corrupt every aspect of the criminal justice process;
  • The need for accountability for  prosecutors and police when the innocent are wrongfully convicted;
  • How becoming a client made him a better lawyer;
  • Advice for criminal defense lawyers struggling with work life balance;
  • The coercive nature of plea bargaining;
  • How to handle sentencing when your client maintains innocence;
  • AND, the very best ways to inject humanity back into our broken system;

Oh, yes, for all you diehard Staircase fans, we do discuss “the owl theory”!


David Rudolf’s Website: https://davidsrudolf.com/

Abuse of Power Podcast: 


Incredible 3-hour CLE offering on the Staircase:


https://vimeo.com/332364136  (staircase CLE teaser)

HBO Rebuttals:




The owl theory:


Check out this episode!

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