The Artificial Lawyer: A Debate About the Usefulness of A/I in the Legal Arena


Artificial intelligence is here and it’s getting more sophisticated and more ubiquitous every day.  Indeed, the legal community seems to be largely embracing A/I with open arms. 

But the jury is still out whether this somewhat terrifying new technology is going to be our savior or our destroyer. 

Therefore, helping us get set for sentencing this week are two great gentlemen:  a lawyer (Patrick Barone) and communications expert (Dr. Randy Olson) to debate the pros and cons of A/I in life, and in law.


  • Using A/I as an editor in legal writing;
  • Using A/I to help a client prepare to allocute at sentencing;
  • Using A/I to summarize voluminous discovery and creating summaries for clients;
  • A/I’s limitations;
  • The concept of “prompt engineering” and it’s importance in generating the best A/I results;
  • The importance of infusing meaning into our sentencings, our stories, and our lives.


We spent a fair amount of time discussing the “ABT” Narrative template. It’s a simple way of powerfully communicating in narrative form in any setting.  I co-authored a book on this with Dr. Randy Olson and have done a few podcasts on the topic.  Here’s Episode four:

Here’s a link to buy the book:

As we discussed, the big fault with all of this new technology is the risk that it robs your pursuits of all meaning!  This goes to the core of what Randy’s big critique about A/I is at this moment, it’s MEANING that makes our lives worth living.   That’s why we love telling, watching, reading, and listening to stories so deeply – great stories are infused with big meaning- universal truths about life.   I wrote about this on my blog a few years back in the context of the epic Tarantino Film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”.  Take a look:

More on Patrick Barone:

More on Randy Olson:

Check out this episode!

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